About Us


Kozy Cushions ships world-wide. "Our mission is to provide consumers (fans, family and friends) with the highest comfort while traveling in any fast paced industry that keeps people moving." Made with 8% Spandex, 92% Polyester and filled with 100% Polystyrene. Our creative pillows are practical, hypoallergenic and comfortable. We support your head on planes, trains, buses, automobiles and beyond.

  Style and fun finally meets comfort

Welcome Aboard

An Innovative and Creative Signature Line of Customized Travel Neck Pillows.

Our popular cushions comforts and support heads on planes, trains, buses, automobiles and beyond. Kozy Cushions are comfortable, colorful, excellent for traveling, relaxing, gifting, fundraisers, gift-bags, marketing, branding. View our unique designs, distinctive patterns and signature lines then choose one that comforts you best. Be careful, they're eye candy and addictive so feel free to Collect Them All!