Zeta Eye-Mask in White

kozy cushions

  • Kozy Eyes, also known as sleep masks is the perfect sleep/rest accessory allowing you to get a good night's sleep or relaxing anytime snooze, awakening feeling rested and refreshed.  
  • Kozy Eyes durable quality is constructed with lightweight, ultra-soft silky fabric and fully breathable molded foam, this sleep mask gently soothes and massages the areas around your eyes for optimal relaxation.  
  • Kozy Eyes is hypoallergenic and latex-free it is designed with your health in mind. Cushioned pockets above your eyes allow for normal blinking and eye movement.
  • Kozy Eyes convex design provides ample space above your eyes and won't compress your face. You can even wear it without smudging your makeup or smashing your lashes.
  • Kozy Eyes adjustable elastic straps can easily be adjusted to provide a perfect fit.    
  • Perfect gift for anyone.
  • Rest or sleep during daylight hours.
  • Kozy Eyes is a great way to help with relaxation and stress relief.       

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